Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A real landlord, me ;-)

It looks like I've found a good construction for my land in Timandra. The rent for my neighbouring parcel was handled by Zena Silverstar of Tropical Beach Rentals, and after a few IM's and a few emails we decided to do business. She and her team will be handling my parcels as well!

Notice the multiple? I had only one 1100 meter parcel in Timandandra, meaning I had a couple of hundred meters left on my land tier. After consulting with Zena, I bought another nice 512 square meter waterland parcel in Fortimus, which will either feature a hotel or another rental house.

Zena handles most of the work for an (in my opinion) modest fee, and I get some return on investment without losing the parcel in Timandra. I consider myself lucky!

Oh, if you want to rent.. contact Zena :-)

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