Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to offer land for rent?

I am the lucky owner of a nice parcel at Timandra. It's really a neat place: surrounded by small, Linden owned waterways on three sides, not too big (1100 square meters), and so far the sim itself is quiet as well. A nice place to retreat to.

But, recently I haven't been using it, really. It's just the place I login to, or go to if I need some rest, but it has no real function. Yet I am paying the Lindens a premium account and a fee each month, just for this one parcel.

Yet I'd rather not sell it. I'm not sure I can get a place like this again, if I really want it or need it. So, I think the solution is to rent the place. It may or may not cover the cost, but at least it will bring back some of the dollars I'm spending on SL.

But how do I go about this? Ideally, I'd rent it to someone I know, or have an agency handle the rent stuff for me. Anyone else in this business? Useful advice?


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