Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eve online: after battle

Eve online: after battle, originally uploaded by seredwoollahra.

Much debris is left in this deadspace area after battle.. my ship survived, be it with the help of a repair job half way through! A couple of tactical adjustments helped me to survive when I got back into the fray after repairing the ship.


Anonymous said...

Awesome thing.
I'm struggling now, thinking if I should spend 30 Euro's on Second Life, or on EVE online ( I find it hard that you need to wait for your skills, but otherwise... I dunno ).

Maria Wingtips said...

You can enjoy Second Life for free, you only have to pay up if you want to own land. As long as you don't own land, or rent something, you're fine with the free basic account.

You can't enjoy Eve at all without paying, however.

So, if possible, I'd stay with a free SL basic account, and spend the money on Eve.. that way you get to play both :)

Maria Wingtips said...

clarification.. I said:

"As long as you don't own land, or rent something.."

Let me rephrase that.. You can rent land and still use the free basic account. You just can't be the owner of the land!

And if you need a rental, I can help you out. I bought seven parcels in Fortimus yesterday ;-)