Sunday, June 15, 2008

Eve Online: a cocky n00b

Bereye, Roden Shipyards, originally uploaded by seredwoollahra.

I was having a lot of fun tonight in Eve Online. Gathering and selling stuff, killing off (game generated) bad guys in Lirsautton, until one n00b asshole, called Gen Doctor, got in the way. For some reason, he seemed hellbent on interfering with me! First he stole my loot, which gave me kill rights on him. I talked to him, he didn't want to compensate me, instead he wanted a fight. I didn't, so I warped the heck out of there. After all, the galaxy is large enough, isn't it? But he started following me, long enough to get me angry: he tried to steal from me again! I enabled my shields and fired a warning shot at him when he was close enough, and now he's firing away at me with some heavy missile stuff.. and I just logged off. That's not the EVE Online I like to play!

Of course, for some, EVE Online is just that, player versus player combat. It's just that this is not (usually?) done in high sec regions, and I was in one of those! If I wanted to pick a fight with someone, I'd have jumped to a low sec region, don't you think?

Someone in an Eve online forum once said: these guys aren't assholes, this is just the game they play. My problem is that this guy forced me to play *his* game in a region that was not intended for it.

A cocky n00b with much too much armor and guns. Yuck.


CrazyKinux said...

Interesting story mate. I'm guessing you're not part of a player corporation? Unfortunately, you can't stop guys like that. EVE is one big PvP universe, even Empire space.

He may have been cocky, but you could have had a few corp mates come and help you deal with him. Even the NPC corps have players willing to help out and you could have turned the situation on him.

I'll keep an eye on the guy if I ever spot him in local.

Fly safe mate!


Sered said...

Hi CrazyKinux, as a matter of fact you are completely correct! After this 'accident' I decided to join a corp asap. After checking a lot of corps out, I joined the Trade Academy Corporation. Writing a new blog entry about that as we speak :-)