Monday, June 23, 2008

Landlord - part II

So I've been a landlord in Second Life for a couple of weeks now. I was quite happy with theFortimus parcel, as it had nice views and a lot of water surrounding it. I hadn't been there for a week (don't want to disturb the tenants!) but today I decided to take a look. I was quite surprised to find my neighbours' parcel for sale, for a nice price too! Of course I bought it, but now I've gone into the next tier - so I might as well buy some more to make good use of it! I've been thinking about creating a little park there. There's a couple of other parcels for sale as well; they would make nice parcels for a rental. The waterland lot I just bought could serve as a harbour, so my tenants would always have water in front of their house.

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