Wednesday, April 9, 2008

vBusinesscentral launches today

A couple of days ago I got a group notice from Nick Wilson, of Clever Zebra fame, about a new network that's been put together: vBusiness Central. This new network is primarily aimed at sharing information and knowledge about the business value of virtual worlds, through web discussions, forums and live events, some of which are planned for the near future.

The flagship event (for now) is vBusiness Expo, which will be held in Second Life, April 24-27. This event is planned to be held twice a year, so expect another one in October 2008! vBusiness Expo covers virtual marketing, commerce, workplace and education; quite a wide range of subjects.

Although the main focus is now on Second Life, there is talk of other virtual worlds being included later on as well. I was about to explore the economical aspects of Twinity this week, so that's a good match.

Anyway, the more the merrier, if you're interested in vbusiness, you can sign up at the vBusinesscentral site. vBusinesscentral members can use some in world facilities for free I've read, which is nice if you need larger venues for organising events or something like that.

By the way, I think vBusinessCentral uses Ning as a platform; as soon as I hit their website, it knew who I was and it had all my data. Looks like Ning to me! So if you're on Ning, signing up might be as easy as hitting one button.

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