Sunday, April 27, 2008

Unreadable menu, on Linux

My experiences with the release candidates of the 1.20 viewer on Linux Ubuntu are very positive. Today however I noticed an interface issue with on the same platform: the text in the preferences menu (but also the inventory) is garbled and almost unreadable. The text on the main menus and the menu selectors is, however, rendered correctly, so this is perhaps an issue with fonts!


Brian said...

Have you had any luck with this issue? I'm seeing the same problem on Ubuntu, and the resulting headaches have kept me away from SL.

Sered said...

Hi Brian,
No, the problem still persists. But the 1.20 RC candidates have not shown this problem, so I've been using those.

Anonymous said...

I'm using 1.20.15 (on winXP) and some of my text is unreadable. Has been for awhile and I haven't found a fix for it. Using a ATI vid card. Not sure what caused it but it was like this when I reinstalled everything.