Friday, April 25, 2008

A few quick thoughts on vBusiness Expo

Expanding on what I wrote yesterday, a few points regarding vBusiness Expo.

First, it feels like a real conference, minus the travel and the stay in a hotel. To some that may be a drawback, I know ;-) It's really an immersive event; to me it's proof of the value of virtual worlds for business all by itself.

Second, I didn't have a viewer crash. Not once! People around me were complaining about viewer crashes; not me. I ran the 1.20 RC3 client on Ubuntu 8.04, so I was quite amazed by the apparent stability of my client.

Third, one for the speakers: slides need a little time to 'rez' in SL. We, in the audience, get the blurry picture first; it takes a while before it gets sharper and we can read what's on it. So, please, give us time to read the slide before moving on to the next one!

Fourth, I think the speakers use Skype to communicate and talk to us. While they were obviously using the voice part, there were also Skype chat messages being sent and received. So we, in the audience, would keep hearing those Skype new message pings, which can be very distracting if you're a Skype user yourself! Each time I heard that ping, I was tempted to see where the new message window was.. In the end, I shut down my own skype and decided to ignore it for the rest of the evening.

Finally: smart move to divide the main stadium over four sims, thus spreading server load.

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