Wednesday, April 23, 2008

business ready, queens day ready

Today I took off my casual clothing and bought myself a suit. vBusiness Expo is on, and I want to attend in style ;-) Oh btw, in a couple of days, we celebrate 'Queens day', our national holiday. Hence the orange tie!
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Anthony Cappetto said...

Hi Sered,

Suit looks good, where are some good places in SL where you can buy corporate ready business attire?

In the US we were shown a bit of 'Queens Day' on one of our national morning programs, the 'Today' show.

I found you through vBusinessCentral as AnthonyC and have an avatar 'Chalkfan Streeter'.


Sered said...

Hi Anthony,

I bought my suit at Hoorenbeek - it's the Ansor suit. There are a few suit shops at the Clever Zebra fashion square, on clever zebra 4. I think almost any men's clothing shop has a few suits, though!

Nice meeting you, catch me in world some time!