Monday, April 7, 2008

Twinity: let's go outside

A couple of days ago I mentioned some progress at Twinity. Tonight I spent some time there again, and enjoyed it, too. I visited the Welcome area at Berlin, and managed to get out of the apartment. After instructions from Twinity staff member Paul on how to fly in Twinity, I ventured out in Twinity's rendering of Berlin. Without being confined to an apartment or a walled garden, Twinity feels much better.

I posted a couple of new Twinity screenshots at Flickr; there's much more useful screenshots at the Twinity Flickr group.

Points that need improvement now are: the download and the patching afterwards. The download is five times as big as Second Life, and after installing it, you still need to download and install patches. That patching process is automated, but still takes quite some time; sometimes it crashes and you have to start again.

Keep in mind: it's still beta, and not done by a longshot. But, as I've said before, Twinity is definitely getting better; both in terms of performance and and stability (once you have it running) as well as the experience as a whole. We could use more Twinizens however, to add to the fun. Apply for the beta here!


KessKreations said...

Maybe I will see you there. Kesseret Steeplechase in twin and SL.

I visit about 2 times a week... to see how it progresses.

Sered said...

Hi Kesseret! I wonder, what do you think of Twinity? Do you see progress, like I do?

Kesseret Steeplechase said...

Heya, I do see progress, but I have a hard time in Twinity, maybe because of all the things I am used to doing in SL... I do like to chat with the support people - that's mostly who I see but as for progress, each time I visit there's an update to download and it's slowly getting there. :)

Sered said...


Lars said...

Hi Sered,

As you are a really dedicated user of Twinity, I want to ask you, if you are interested in organising a party? We can offer you a blog entry and a news entry on

What do you think?

We ask you as we see us as a plattform that allows people to create things by their own.

Kind regards,