Thursday, December 11, 2008

Want to try Eve Online?

I am again having a good time in the Eve Online universe, enjoying the beautiful scenery, the company of my corporation fellows while shooting and being shot at by belt rats, rogue drones and incidentally my friends during corporation PVP, all the while earning money by destroying said drones or rats and salvaging and looting their wrecks.

For those who want to give that a try too: I have invitations for 21 day trials, a week longer than the default 14 days you get on Email me or post a response here, then I'll send you an invite. Sign up, join the Trader's Academy Corporation and have fun out there!

Obviously, there's something in it for me too. If you sign up for a paid account after the trial, I get free game time :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I find eve really interesting and I want to play it.
But I'll only be able start playing a full paid account only next May or so.But I'd like to try the 21 day trail in December('cause of the Xmas Holidays).
Could You please give me a 21 day trial on the following email address?

P.S:- I'm already playing a 14 day trial on this address so i'm not sure if I'll be able to play/activate the 21 day trial if so could You please send me the activation link to;

Thanks in advance!

Sered Woollahra said...

Done - see you in space..