Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hard situations, best memories!

Yesterday I had a discussion with my corp mate Magister Wu, who by the way will be No Fixed Abode's top killer of the month October 2012, with (so far) 118 kills, after ending September with 104 kills. Good job! But, back to the point: we were discussing eve online game play, and whether we value 'safe or unsafe' nullsec the most. 

During this discussion, it struck me: when given the choice, my gut instinct is always to choose a more safe nullsec environment. I have some character traits that compel me to do so, such as tendencies to avoid risk and conflict. Yet, looking back over the years, the most powerful (and most cherished) memories stem from decidedly unsafe situations! Early pvp experiences and gate camps, good fights and roams, the invasions of Querious and Catch our corp endured and survived. The adrenaline rush of pvp, the exhilaration of narrow escapes, fights won or lost! The experience of being an effective part of a larger fighting unit, to get yourself to do your job properly in the fight, when all your instincts tell you to warp out or ignore the FC’s orders. These are the things you will perhaps remember in years to come!

The thrill of a very narrow escape..

I know Eve Online has flaws; it has aspects I really don't like. But, it has the uncanny ability to compel me to get out of my comfort zone. It challenges me to do things I would normally not even consider. And by doing that, it brings me experiences that are, to me at least, unique and valuable. I may have learned a thing or two about myself, too..

Maybe something to think about, when you're contemplating 'what to do in Eve Online'. The best entertainment, the best experiences may be had when you push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. ‘Safe’ may sound tempting, but the biggest rewards and fun are probably elsewhere.


eve online trial said...

Yep! None of my friends that play Eve Online had any login or server issues. Of course, that’s because I do not know anyone that plays Eve Online.

eve online trial said...

I’ll get the really bad news out of the way first. Like many MMOs, EVE Online seems to have shipped a few months too early. The game is loaded with bugs, server issues and some customer service nightmares. I know that the dev team is currently working to resolve them. In fact, a number of serious issues that existed when I started playing have since been fixed. As of this writing, though, players should be aware that they will probably face quite a few technical issues.

One of the most serious is a nasty crash bug that causes player’s characters to get “stuck” during transitions. This might cause the character to disappear into the electronic ether, along with all the hard work that went into it (although this hasn’t happened yet). Currently there is no guarantee that CCP will actually be able to rescue them, so caveat emptor. There are also features that were promised that are not yet implemented. These include “Boosters” (basically drugs) that were to make up a large portion of the game’s illicit economy and the in-game web browser that should let you look at player corporation Web sites

eve online trial said...
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Maria Wingtips said...

Funny, Eve is online since 2003/2004 and the features you mention are already there.. have been for ages. Did this comment fall through the cracks in the space time continuum? :)