Friday, June 12, 2009

Newbie bashing

Eve Online has a notorious reputation as one hard game to master and a harsh environment to survive in. Tonight one of my corp members experienced that firsthand. He's a few weeks old, and worked hard to be able to buy his first real mining barge. At his first mining trip with it, he gets tricked by an older character, this guy:

For non EVE Online inhabitants, here's a short primer on killing in space. Normally, you can't just fire upon any and all ships in high security (empire) space; you'd be killed on the spot by Concord, the in game police. This does however not apply if someone steals something from you; in that case you have killrights! You are free to destroy a pilot's ship and pod, for a certain amount of time, after that pilot steals from you; Concord will not harm you.

So here's our newbie miner, happily mining the asteroids, when all over sudden this guy pictured above attacks him and destroys his ship and pod. Without Concord intervention! How's that possible? Well, that's the trick part.. I don't know what happened, but our unsuspecting n00b was somehow tricked into taking something from Dark Drifter (a character from 2007), thus giving him killrights. And Dark did not hesitate to use them, unfortunately.

From a gameplay point of view, our n00b is out of luck. He was played, tricked, made a honest mistake - any of these will do - but he has to suffer the loss. Yet, given Dark Drifter's negative security standings, I suspect this is an older character who likes to grief n00bs. Again, from a gameplay point of view there's not much you can do about that, but it's appaling behaviour nonetheless, akin to a teenager bashing the kiddies in kindergarten.


Kirith Kodachi said...

Its a form of natural selection. Those noobs that try to learn from their mistakes to avoid getting shot again become eve veterans. Those that do not leave the game.

Also: there is no pod killing in high sec except against war targets. Is your noob friend sure he was still in high sec? Or is he in a corp at war with that allaince?

Sered said...

Hey Kirith,
Yes, aspiring pilots should learn from their mistakes. Funnily, most people online in the corp chat had experienced something similar; you'd almost think it is some sort of hazing ritual you have to go through.

Problem is, our n00b has no idea what he did wrong. So in his opinion, there was nothing to learn except that Eve's gameplay somehow allowed someone to destroy his hard earned property. I'm not sure he'll come back, but hope he does.

There's no war going on, someone mentioned he got podded but perhaps that wasn't the case. I'll check that later. And as for high sec, he was in a 0.0 system in Essence.

Sered said...

duh.. typo. He was in a 0.9 system in Essence, there's no 0.0 there of course!

darrion said...

I'm a newbie in eve. I think they already made a minor change already as i'm typing this. Now if you mistakenly try to "steal" or take a cargo belonging to somebody else, there is a prompt message giving you a fair warning that you might be flagged for kill for taking someone's cargo.

Also it's pretty fun if you know what you're doing. I once saw some containers lying around in a mining area, obviously left there where they will return to collect them with a larger ship. So I stole a few, quickly wrap out of there and lay low till the aggression timer is over and return there mining.