Thursday, June 25, 2009

Looking for reinforcements

My corp, Alien Ship Builders, is growing quite nicely these days. When I first joined ASB (temporarily), there were usually a few pilots online; say about ten or a dozen. Nowadays however, it's often double that and then some. Most pilots are based in Europe, but we also have players from the US and other parts of the planet. Some members are barely out of trial; others have been in space since 2003, when EVE went in beta. We have miners but also mission runners, and we have aspirations in PVP too.

And yet, it's not enough. As a corporation, we're having plans to grow and diversify, not only in numbers but also in experience, sources of income and skills! To make this possible, we are looking for new members. Check this post by our corp director, Jastuu, out for more info.

See you in our corp channel, perhaps..


Sans said...

Hey there, I see you used to be with the Trader's Academy, but are in ASB now. Just curious, why did you switch, and what are the major differences between the two?

Strange, but after a lot of research, it was a choice between the same two corps for my first. It was a tough decision, and in the end I just chose with the toss of a coin and went with Trader's Academy last night.

I'm hoping that was a good decision. Any insight you can offer would be great. Thanks!

Sered said...

Hey Sans,

While I was in Trader's, we had to deal with a lot of wardecs in a relatively short time. Our alliance was somehow targeted time and time again! And each time we'd have to turtle up and wait, docked, until the war was over - one week, two weeks.. This was quite frustrating! Finally we got tired of it and some of us, including guys like Bailif, wanted to take a more assertive, proactive stance, but the corp leadership wouldn't allow us. By that time Jenny Twotone and a few other oldtimers had also left or hadn't logged on for months. All in all, the corp was a bit aimless and dead in the water at that time. After a brief period of discussion with the corp leaders, some of us left, others stayed behind - and some of them are still members of Trader's.

I had a good time there, and I think that if we hadn't been wardecced constantly, I might still have been at Trader's.

ASB isn't that different in the end, it's just we don't get wardecced all of the time. Plus, I think ASB now has a stronger, more decisive leadership than TRACE had when I left. I mean those guys no ill, they did what the alliance ordered us to do, but in the end it just didn't match my eve gameplay anymore.

Sans said...

Thanks for the feedback Sered. I'll see if the wardec'ing has lightened up on Trader's at all. I did meet Bailif last night.. he's still there.

I imagine I'll lose some patience if we're going weeks without action like you experienced, and in that case I may find ASB a better fit after all. But for now I'll test the waters with Trader's and hopefully they're having better luck with dec's.