Saturday, February 28, 2009

IBM rediscovers Second Life?

Tateru Ninu writes about a Linden Labs case study on how IBM successfully used Second Life for conferences and meetings, late last year. It's an interesting read, but somehow it feels out of place in 2009. It's like an echo from two years ago; this report could have been written during the 2006/2007 SL hype, when IBM Lotus even had a virtual LotuSphere conference (snapshot above). Yet, this report deals with events that happened in late 2008! It seems another part of IBM is only just now discovering what's possible in virtual world environments? Anyway it's good to see new initiatives coming from IBM, once again. A few quotes:

“The immersion [in Second Life] resulted in a very strange, yet compelling psychological effect, where part of me really felt like I was physically there."

“When people woke up the morning after the virtual meetings and thought about the day before, it wasn’t like remembering a webcast or a phone conference. We truly felt as if we had attended a real-time meeting, interacting with others and carrying home practical information.”

This is something I recognize from last year, when I attended the Virtual Business Expo. It may seem unlikely for those who've never tried it, but Second Life really is a good place to hold a conference.

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