Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Twinity goes mixed

In a couple of days, Berlin will be host to the Berlinale Film festival, and Twinity's virtual Berlin takes part in several activities. There will for instance be live streams from events, but also a mixed reality panel discussion which will, in both worlds, take place at the same location! Mixed reality events have of course been done before, in Second Life and probably some other venues as well. But, as far as I know, it's a first mirror mixed event for Twinity. The fact that it's not only mixed but also mirrored is quite interesting as well; I wonder if this a first, for virtual worlds in general? Good for Twinity, as an event like this a natural fit with their mirror world philosophy! Here's a quote from a press release they emailed to Twinity's citizens:

"A particular highlight of these exclusive Berlinale livecasts is the 'Akademie Breaks' panel "Because they know what they are talking about – How first hand film teaching inspires!" with Michael Ballhaus, Thomas Binotto, and Peter R. Adam. This panel discussion will be held on 11 February in the real and the virtual HomeBase Lounge in Twinity simultaneously. The Twinity 3D community can catch the entire 'Akademie Breaks' program, organized by the German Film Academy from 09 - 12 February, and the event series 'DigiDays' live in the virtual HomeBase Lounge. "

Even though I'm not much of a film fan, I plan to take a look next week to see how it works out. See you there, perhaps? If you plan on visiting, make sure to start on time; installing Twinity and getting used to the interface isn't that hard, but it takes a while to load the virtual Berlin environment if you go there for the first time.

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