Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have, for quite some time, been publishing snapshots of all sort of virtual worlds at Flickr, and I'm quite happy about the service there. The tooling is sufficient for me, generally it's not too difficult to get things done, and there's a sizeable (potential) audience. Yet, something is missing: an audience!

Flickr is not really geared towards the virtual audience; it's aimed at real world photograps. At Flickr, you're welcome with your Second Life snapshots, but it's not what Flickr is really about. For a while I was wondering if I should stick to Flickr or if I should look for another service, and in response to a blog item about that dilemma, a reader of this blog pointed be to Koinup. After checking it out I decided to give Koinup a go, and so far, the results are positive. The audience at Koinup is specifically interested in virtual worlds, meaning there's quite a bit of interest, even in non regular virtual worlds like Eve Online where I am currently quite active. In plain language: my snapshots get more eyeballs, and I am happy with that.

An added bonus: one can automatically have the snapshots uploaded to Flickr as well, so even when I'm not really paying attention to Flickr, my pictures still end up there too.

So for those of you who have an interest in sharing visual impressions (pictures, but also movies for instance) of virtual environments: give Koinup a try!

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