Friday, September 14, 2007

Metaversed meeting

Well, that was interesting. Tonight, we had a Metaversed meeting, chaired by Metaversed's 57 Miles. I have only been a member of metaversed for a couple of days, so it was all a bit new to me. But it was nice, we all introduced ourselves to the others, talked a bit about who we are and why we're interested in SL and/or metaversed. That took the best part of the first hour, but was interesting and useful nonetheless.

After that, we had a conversation on how to proceed with these meetings. Keep them informal, maybe do something with smaller groups that share a common field of expertise, who knows. Then, the discussion moved to what tools we can use in SL to facilitate meetings like these. Powerpoint obviously has it's limitations, and there aren't many other tools around.. yet? Several people, among them 57 Miles, had kind words for the i3dnow tools, so I'll check them out one of these days.

All in all, it was good to be there and met some interesting people.

voice and/or text
The introduction round was done with voice. The sound quality wasn't always what it should be, and I failed speak at all, due to a mixup with the 'push to talk' button - very amateurish :-) Interestingly, the discussions afterwards switched between voice and text without much problems. People seemed to be able to merge the voice and text bits into one conversation, on the fly. I wonder how this will develop in further meetings. As people get to know one another better, will voice be used more often? We'll see the next time.

On a different note: I took two snapshots of the meeting, and emailed them to These shapshots should have been posted at my bloghud page, but I received no confirmation of their delivery, and up until now, almost two hours later, they have not appeared. I still hope they will show up!

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