Sunday, September 16, 2007

A cool picture of the Metaversed meeting

When attending the metaversed meeting friday evening, I took a couple of snapshots and emailed them to They should have appeared on my bloghud page, but that, unfortunately, didn't happen. Koz Farina, the bloghud guy, did some investigating (thanks!) and found the second snapshot, stuck somewhere in the system. The first one apparently never made it to bloghud's mailbox. Koz will forward me that second snapshot; hopefully it will appear here later.

But for the time being, make sure to view this picture , posted by Metaversed's Nick Wilson. It is a beautiful picture of the roundtable meet. I'm on the picture as well; at approximately 17.30 as it were, in my grey t-shirt.

Lessons learned: if you don't want to lose a snapshot, also save one to the harddisk..

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