Friday, January 25, 2013

Some images of the new Gnosis

With a few minutes spare time left, I decided to log on to Singularity and check out some of the new stuff currently available there: the new infopanels, the Jove battlecruiser Gnosis and the ability to show your actual route in space.

I didn't bother to test fittings on the Gnosis. Kirith has a nice writeup if that's your thing; I am not really an EFT warrior. I was primarily interested in the ship's looks. Let's look at a few screenshots!

Gnosis silhouetted against an ice planet
Ok, question. If you've never seen or flown this ship before, would you know which part is front or back? Is it dragging a heavy load, or rather pushing it through space?

Front end
Turns out the big baggy part is actually the front end; the circle and spokes part is the backside. Based on the looks of the Jove Apotheosis shuttle I would have thought the spikes and spokes would have been placed at the front side, but obviously CCP has the artistic freedom to make another choice.

Had the spike and spokes part been the bow of the ship, it really would have had a spider and web feel to it, with it's combination of organic lines and straight spikes. Plus, spiders too carry the bulk of their mass behind them.

As it is now, the bulk of the ship is at the the bow, being pushed through space. It looks a bit like a pipe, or those large wooden horns used in the Swiss mountains for instance. Or a shovel. I'm not used to it yet and am definitely not sure whether I will, really. My son said it like this: 'that is one ugly ship!'

the Jove smoke a pipe

The golden color of the ship strongly reminds me of Amarr ships. In New Eden's lore, the Amarr suffer their first big defeat at the hands of the ancient and superior Jove, shortly after the dark ages ended and the Amarr began to build their interstellar empire. Did the Amarr copy the Jove's ship color?

Apparently there's no consistent color palette for Jove; several other examples of Jovian ships have a rather greenish look, for instance this Eidolon. The Enigma frigate is often shown red, while the Apotheosis does indeed resemble the Gnosis in terms of color.

Gnosis near a star

Showing your route through space, from star to star, is indeed an amusing new feature. The color lines are rather faint and could be a bit more prominent, if the intended goal is to enhance immersion.

spot the waypoint stars

Last year CCP tilted or turned all stargates, so that they would actually point in the direction of the destination star systems. With this feature enabled, you can even see the next star system, and the next, and the next.. To me this has one unintended side effect: New Eden feels smaller if you can see five or six jumps ahead!

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