Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Small gang warfare report: last second save and kill

Yesterday our FC organized a corp roam, and they were about to leave our home system just as I logged on. They could use some extra dps, so I grabbed my Harbinger and undocked. Leaving E-YJ8G we cautiously made our way in the direction of Providence, our two forward scouts trying to find something to shoot at. We could have done without the caution though, as there was nothing to shoot! A ratting Gila vanished from dscan right after our forward scout noticed him; a ratting Navy Issue Raven disappeared as well. Some neutral or hostile frigates moved in the area but nothing we could sink our teeth in. Near YWS0-Z things changed rapidly though. One of our forward scouts ran into a gatecamp, and given the size of the hostile fleet there and the eagerness with which they pursued us, there we had little choice but to turn and get out as fast as possible! One of our forward scouts didn't make it unfortunately; he got killed and podded. He dryly reported 'I'm back in Essence guys, I'm out for the night'.

I have fond memories of YWS0-Z, by the way. It was our first place of residence in nullsec, after The Star Fraction  turned it into a Freeport in the middle of 2010. We were real nullsec n00bs back then.. we learned through some painful losses :-)

While en route home (and apparently no longer chased) we found a small bubble, left behind by some friendlies and we decided to camp it for a bit. We play hide and seek with a neutral Stabber who avoids the bubble but keeps popping up hundred or two hundred kilometer away. We burn to him, he warps out, he warps back in, we burn to him et cetera. A neutral Enyo is doing the same, warping from safe spots to tacs off the gate, landing in different places each time.

We ignore the Enyo and focus on the Stabber when (newly bought toon) Simon Jenkins, who's flying a Stabber Fleet issue himself, reports he's close enough to engage him. The Stabber pilot, apparently confident he can take out the Stabber Fleet issue before we arrive, returns the favor and the fight is on. Simon, sure of our support, engages and points the hostile, but we're not even aligned yet and he's losing shields rapidly. And armor. And structure.. he's yelling on TeamSpeak, KIILL HIM! KILL HIM! I'M IN STRUCTURE!. My calm reply that I have the hostile pointed didn't help much, it just results in more yelling and verbal abuse :-) Finally, with the help of my lasers and drones, the neutral Stabber exploded, leaving Simon intact with perhaps 30% structure left. We exchanged 'gf' in local, commented on each others fittings. Phew, that was close. And then..

One of our other pilots noticed how the Enyo (yes, he was still darting about) was in the exact same spot he had been in a while ago; a spot our pilot had bookmarked earlier. We had a warp in! I barely had time to loot the Stabber wreck before Alexander called us to warp to him: in his Rapier, he had a good chance at pointing and webbing the Enyo before he could warp out again. And it works! Alexander and Magister Wu land on top of the Enyo, and Magister Wu points him before he can move.. But just when most of us land on the Enyo, about ten hostiles jump through the nearby gate and make their way to their beleaguered friend. It's a trap! 'Such a shame', I think, 'the Enyo is already through most of his shields'. Right at this moment I land on top of the Enyo, virtually at the same moment as his first friends, and think: 'I might as well fire my lasers at him while I align and warp out. If I get pointed I may even take out the Enyo before dying.'
By this time most of our guys were away and safe, it's just Patris Angelus in his Stabber Fleet issue, me in my Harbinger and the hostiles. Patris is pointed and shooting the Enyo; strangely enough no one is pointing me, so I am free to warp. And just when I do, I see the Enyo explode in a glorious ball of fire! Patris got out too as well: as it turns out, it was only the Enyo who was pointing him and when the Enyo exploded he got out immediately.
 It was a trap, and we fell for it - but it backfired badly at those who set the trap. Next time, bring more points guys.. Lots of hilarity on our TeamSpeak, lots of virtual pats on backs. 

We saved Simon's Stabber Fleet Issue at the last moment, we killed the Enyo in the last second. Of course these aren't monumental battles but it sure was fun!

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