Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A quick note on apologies and apologists

A short recap, for those who missed the latest installment of eve-drama. During the Alliance panel at FanFest 2012, The Mittani (leader of Goonswarm and just reelected as chairman of the CSM) made a remark amounting to an encouragement to harass a potentially suicidal player.. 'if you want to make the guy kill himself'. Much drama ensues, and The Mittani further fans the flames when he goes on the eve-o forums to tell  people to 'deal with it'. Cue further media attention, and lenghty forum threadnaughts where indignant calls for his resignation from the CSM or even a complete permaban for The Mittani are countered by Goon-friendly apologists, telling everyone to 'HTFU' or something akin to 'it's just a game, people'. Somewhere during all this, The Mittani is either called by CCP or sees the footage of this own inebriated remarks. We don't know for sure what happens, but one thing is sure, Mittens suddenly apologizes profusely and apparently - but hey, he's a Goon so you can't be sure - sincerely.

The amusing part is, that lots of people have put considerable effort in defending The Mittani's remarks, explaining why he wasn't wrong when he did what he did. Or stating that '10.058 people' didn't agree with criticism of The Mittani's conduct - which is kind of a weird defense, given that those 10.058 CSM votes were cast before this all happened.

The Mittani's apologists must find themselves in a weird position, now. They defended his behaviour, and then he comes out and flatly states that "There's no excuse for what I did". Makes me wonder.. do the defenders stick with that they said earlier, and think The Mittani was wrong to apologize? Or do they not accept his apology as sincere? Either one is possible, but I still find it quite an ironic situation.

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