Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another night, another feast

As Kirith said, PVP is sometimes feast, sometimes famine. Two nights ago we had a famine: an enemy roam much too strong for our team roamed our space, and there wasn’t much we could do except for our bombers to give it a shot every now and then. But yesterday was quite a different day.. Unfortunately I 'wasn't there' for the whole thing as family matters kept interrupting me, but I witnessed enough for a bare bones battle report.

Early in the EU TZ evening, a small gang of 10 or so LEGIO pilots joined up and went looking for trouble in CVA territory in Providence. It’s not too far from our home in Catch, and usually makes for some nice pvp. I didn’t have the time to commit to a roam, but listened in on TeamSpeak anyway: the guys seemed to have fun, trying to catch ratters and miners in D-GMTI and surroundings but no kills were made, although it was a close call a couple of times. After a while the guys  had enough and turned around to head back home.

But they were not alone.. around 15 CVA pilots formed up in response to our roam, and they pursued our fleet all the way back to our home area. CVA was lagging our fleet by a jump or five, so it wasn’t exactly a hot pursuit, and we knew well in advance what was coming. This is where I had to go away from keyboard, but when I got back about 20 minutes later, CVA was already in system.

What had happened while I was away, was that several more LEGIO pilots joined the original roam: both teams were now at similar strength, numbers wise. We had logis and ECM on field too, as did the enemy. To CVA, it would have looked like a fight between comparable forces. But what CVA didn’t know, was that a sizeable Cascade Imminent fleet (blue to us, hostile to CVA) was only three jumps out. And they knew what was about to happen.. and were ready to join us at a moment’s notice. And that’s precisely what happened! CVA jumped into our home system, LEGIO engaged them.. and after half a minute or so dozens of blues pile in. Local spikes to around 100 pilots, several CVA ships go down quickly, the rest burns out of of the bubble and warps to safes. CVA loses a Scimitar, a handful of Drakes and a pod. Nothing dramatic, but it's a lot of logi and dps to lose while stranded in enemy territory.. GF’s are said in local and a few CVA remain, scattered here and there.

Yet there’s more non blues in local. Just before the CVA fleet arrived, an Agony Empire roam also paid a visit to our home system. coming in from a different direction. Apparently shocked and/or confused by the large numbers of pilots of different alliances coming and going in local, they didn’t hang around too long: after the CVA brawl began, they went for the gate, back to where they came from. Cascade Imminent pilots joins ours in the hunt for these neutrals, warping from one gate to another, catching an Eris interdictor at the gate. It is quickly destroyed. The remaining Agony pilots are now scattered as well; one Cheetah slips past a gate camp, another one escapes to another system.. they end up with less than ten pilots, spread over two or three different systems. Over the course of the next hour and a half, our team manage to catch two other Agony ships, first a one billion Loki and then a Deimos. Around this time I join the party again, but unfortunately nothing happens anymore, even though we’re eagerly awaiting a hostile roam that was supposed to be inbound. After fourty minutes I log off again and go to bed.

I don’t know yet what happened later this night, but this morning our killboard shows another couple of Agony kills, a few hours later: an Enyo and a Rokh battleship. To top it off, apparently we also scored a few kills against BrushieBrushieBrushie - an alliance that has been 'trolling' us, by their own words.

Even though I didn't get to participate much, yesterday was clearly a feast to many LEGIO pilots!

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