Thursday, January 14, 2010

Second Life rental update

Late last year, I bought new land in Lutestring in order to create more rentals there. I provided the land, but most of the heavy lifting was done by Tropical Beach Rentals, and together we created a new project called "Lute Harbour". When it was ready, I really liked it and pretty soon the first tenants arrived. But after that, it didn't really pick up pace. Tenants came, some stayed, others left and we never got the occupancy rates we wanted or even needed. After a while we gained a few long term tenants, providing a solid financial basis, but still it's not what we needed. So after some prospective customer feedback and scant deliberation, the TBRentals team took out two of the smaller existing houses and created a new, larger house with a higher prim allowance. Let's see if that works..

One thing I've noticed, is a difference in tenants in the several regions where I own land. The homes in Fortimus Harbour and Timandra are often rented for a short period: most tenants pay per week. The occupants of Lute Harbour however, tend to pay for multiple weeks, often a month in advance. It would be interesting to know why!

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