Sunday, May 10, 2009

The state of my virtual economy

Ok, I'll skip the mandatory talk about 'worldwide economic recession' and 'banking crisis' and go right to the important bit: how are my Second Life land holdings doing? And how much ISK do I make in Eve Online?

My Second Life land tier is due in two days, and I am happy to report that, yes, my SL rentals are still turning a profit. It's not much, but it's real! In four months time, I have made enough L$ to create a useful reserve: I could, right now, pay two months' worth of tier and still keep a positive U$ balance. Part of this success is, without doubt, due to the efforts of my business partner Zena Silverstar and her team of Tropical Beach Rentals, who do the day to day management of my land. TBR does an excellent job! Another factor may be the growth of SL itself which seems to be picking up in recent months.

The space based Eve Online business is doing well, too. I've just crossed the 450 million ISK line; a significant amount of money for a casual player like me. I could buy myself some game time, thus saving real world Euros, but that would quickly drain out those ISKs, and I'd rather spend them on new shiny modules or ships! For now the goal is to get up to half a billion ISK as soon as possible; I'd better not lose any ships, let alone get podded, until then. The last time I lost a Dominix battleship, I lost a couple of Tech 1 modules and some low level implants. That was bad enough at the time, but if the same were to happen now, I would loose more advanced Tech 2 stuff and much more expensive implants too. I'd be set back more ISK than I care to calculate.. Better be careful out there.

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