Saturday, November 8, 2008

SL on Ubuntu 8.10 no improvement

I have used quite a few Second Life viewers, both release candidates and normal viewers, on Ubuntu 8.04 - and with success. I had to disable visual effects for the desktop to get it running, but it worked smoothly. Yet, after installing Ubuntu 8.10, it doesn't work that good anymore. Performance is bad, screen redraws are slow, simulator crossings become obstacles on which the client will occassionally crash, especially when flying an airplane. I know 8.10 has new versions of Gnome and Compiz on board, perhaps something changed there. Any other experiences?


Patrio Graysmark said...

Well I've changed from vista to ubuntu 8.10 [ yay for learning experiences ] and my fickle is that I use a USB headset [ Microsoft LX-3000 ] which is yet to work with voice, and after some tinkering to get flash playing sounds I am 'deaf' in SL completely, adjusting various options had no change. My searching continues but the current status for me is it works fine framerate / lag wise [ 2.66 dual core, 2gb ram, 8800gt ] just sounds and voice! argh!

Anonymous said...

I'm using Unbuntu 9.04 and never get my Logitech Clearchat USB Headset/mic to work with microphone. I can only hear voices/sounds/gestures. Secondlife viewer only showed default for both and as well with emerald. The only one does show is either Snowglobe that does show usb headset/mic but microphone never works. I had to use windows to use emerald to use microphone for voice chat if I want to talk.