Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eve Online: activating the gate

It's time to head out back into deep space once again. I still have 30 days of Eve game time left, time to use it! Here I am activating the jump gate to a deadspace region, where a gang of Angel Cartel thugs is waiting for me. Battle!


Kendaraia said...

Nice picture. Never been to deadspace but have seen it on the map. Pirates scare me so I am just mining at the moment.

Sered said...

Deadspace is usually for missions, so you'll be sent there if you run a mission. It's not a place to fly to like a belt. But if you're in deadspace for a mission, you can be sure to meet bad guys there :)

Kendaraia said...

Ah I did wonder. I seem to be spending all of my time training learning skills - will it never end :)