Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Virtual Forbidden City: examine a copy

One of the cool things about the Virtual Forbidden City is the "examine a copy" feature, available in the information popup windows.

In the Virtual Forbidden City, information on objects (buildings, statues for instance) is available in popup windows, which can be triggered by clicking on said objects. The popup window provides written information and sometimes real world photos, but also a button that says "examine a copy". If you press it, a slowly revolving scale model of the object appears in the window. I've been using this function a couple of times to get a better view of a building or statue, and it really gives you a much better idea of the design, the layout or the proportions of it. You can also zoom in, rotate or move the camera to get a better view of a certain detail, or to view the object from any angle you want, including from below. Definitely not possible in the real Forbidden City :-)

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rjyoung said...

Did you know you can also right click buildings and users for more options?