Wednesday, March 5, 2008

photographs, not snapshots

I haven't spent much time in SL recently, mostly because I was busy uploading photographs to Panoramio, a site dedicated to, as the name suggest, pictures of landscapes, environments, nature, cities.. sort of like National Geographic channel, but in photographs. You can view the uploaded content on the site, of course, but you can also view them in Google Earth - it's the small blue dots that litter Google Earth. Click on one of them, and you get a Panoramio photograph.

Panoramio contains many thousands of pictures of real world places, from mundane villages up to famous landmarks, and for some reason they appeal to me, especially the snapshots of less well known places. Someone saw beauty there, made a picture of it and shared with all of us. And so we discover beauty everywhere, by hopping from place to place in Google Earth, or just browsing over the site itself.

It would be cool by the way if Panoramio would have a section for virtual world photographs, but I don't think that would fit in the site concept at this moment :)
And, to be honest, as much as a beautiful Windlight sunset over the SL seas appeals to my senses.. it's no match for the real thing.

So if you'll excuse me, I'm off, I still got a lot of beautiful pictures to see!

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