Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Changes upon changes

Mining again
With the number of CTA’s on the rise - we’re still keeping TEST and friends out of Catch - I felt the need to look for alternative sources of income. After all, you can’t really spend a relaxed evening ratting when you’re supposed to be on a CTA. So.. why not train a mining alt? I haven’t really mined since my n00b days four years ago, but apparently there’s some nice (if not spectacular) ISK to be made. So I began training one of my second account’s out of alliance alts for mining. Last week I flew her to a belt rich highsec system, bought a retriever and a few strip miners, and off she went. As it turns out, highsec mining does bring in a modest but noticeable ISK stream: the initial investment in skills and ships was recovered in three evenings of semi afk mining. Not bad! I plan on further improving her skills to become even more effective. In time I’d like to bring her in the alliance in nullsec, to work on those high end ores.. should be profitable. To be back in the mining business is quite a change for me, but so far it feels good; especially because it can be combined with more active gameplay on my main account, or family life, watching tv etcetera.

Power grab? Nso much!
The second change took me by surprise. Last saturday night, No Fixed Abode’s CEO Dadellus convo’d me. He asked me to take over as CEO, effective immediately. Dadellus needed an Eve break, and while he may only be gone for a few weeks, he didn’t want to become an afk CEO. One hour (and a consult with an available director) later, I was made CEO of the corporation. Weird feeling, and I still need to figure out how to deal with it! I feel the responsibility to login as often as possible, but, on the other hand, it should not become a second job. And the family shouldn’t suffer for it, obviously. In the mean time, NOFAD members made good fun of me, calling me ‘sir’, ‘boss’ and all that. Also, Dadellus is famous for losing ships and someone kindly asked me if I was going to take that role, too..? Oh stop it guys! Please :)

All in all, my Eve experience has changed quite a bit over the course of the last week. Time to let it settle for a while, see how it works out.

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