Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eggs for breakfast

A few days ago some of us were patrolling the pipe between V-3YG7 and U-QVWD . It is one of the busier parts of the area: we often see traffic from HED-GP to GE-8JV and further to LGK-VP in Stain, or to Curse via 0-SHT. CVA for instance uses O-SHT to enter the Catch region when they are looking for PVP, so you might say it’s a lively neighbourhood.

Anyway, one of our pilots called for help in U-QVWD; an enemy that had been camping one of our systems tried to leave the area via that route, and our pilot was trying to hunt him down. A couple of us switched ships and headed that way asap. Pretty soon however it became clear we weren’t going to catch this red: he was cloaked somewhere in system. Right about that moment, we noticed a neutral pod coming down the pipe. I believe we tried to catch it but failed, as a pod is usually fast to warp. You really need a bubble if you want to have a good chance at catching them. And then another one came.. and another one..

At the same time our intel channel lit up with requests to bubble the gates in V-3YG7 or the system behind it, B-3QPD . Soon enough we found out why! A mixed gang of enemies, consisting of CVA and allies, had gotten a beating at the hands of a Cascade Imminent (FAIL) and Against All Authorities (-A-) fleet. The surviving pilots tried to get out of Catch as soon as possible.. through the pipe we were camping.

We bubbled the V-3YG7 gate in B-3QPD, and just sat there waiting for the pods to come through. It was a weird experience.. one by one we cracked the eggs, whose pilots must have been cursing behind their screens. Your pod, pointed, scrammed and webbed in a bubble, in hostile territory, with a dozen enemy ships locking on to you.. At one point a dozen or so enemy ships jumped in and started shooting my Drake, so I burned out of the bubble and warped off. Just when I hit warp, part of the the FAIL/-A- fleet that was pursuing them entered and destroyed what was left of them. And back to the turkey shoot we went. An alliance mate who just logged onto TeamSpeak was informed of what we were doing, and he remarked.. 'Ah, so you guys are having eggs for breakfast!'

Longtime LEGIO pilots particularly enjoyed the evening, as LEGIO and CVA have a history. Once allies, now bitter enemies: there's little love lost between oldtime LEGIO pilots and CVA.

In the end, we killed about nice pods and some ships. Could have been more, but of course FAIL and -A- took their share as well, plus we missed a few pods when they first started to come through. Best catch of the evening: this one billion pod. Thanks CCP for showing implants on killmails!

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