Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eve Online - more eye candy

After losing a Drake to a roaming gang a few minutes ago, I feel the need to present you more eye candy from the Singularity test server.. just to forget the loss ;-) I've made these snapshots on a trip from DSS-EZ (Stain region) to HY-RWO (in Catch), in my somewhat rusty Harbinger battlecruiser. 

(Disclaimer: the snaps were made on a laptop with a severely outdated gpu.. it should look even better on about any other PC)

YHN-3K, where the sun looks shrouded in clouds

See more below the fold..
YHN-3K - the blue nebula is actually very pretty, well done

GE-8JV - a glorious gas giant embedded in a brilliant nebula



HY-RWO - it's dark out here at the V-3YG7 gate


Finally, on my laptop with my old GPU sometimes weird things happen to Eve Online. Snapshots like this occur every now and then; the problem can be solved by opening the picture in Paint and resaving them as .bmp again..

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