Friday, August 13, 2010

Eve Online: perspective is lagging

Much noise has been made, recently, over Eve Online and the way CCP deals with it's flagship product. One of the focal points of the emo rage directed at CCP, is the lag experienced in large fleet battles, which occur mostly in lowsec or nullsec space. This lag is a true issue as these kind of massive battles rank high amongst the features which make Eve Online an unique environment. Yet, what I'd like to point out, is that it's an issue that's not affecting everyone.

In my highsec industrialist corporation, I have not heard one single complaint about lag. It's simply not an issue we are confronted with, in our day to day gameplay - unless we visit Jita, which I try to avoid anyway. Part of our corp in in wormhole space, which is quiet by nature; some are mining in Gallente or Amarr space, where lag doesn't occur much either.

On page 14 of the recent Quarterly Economic Newsletter, we gather that most Eve Online pilots reside in highsec - over 88% actually. It is my guess that many of these players rarely, if ever, are affected by the much decried lag issues.

CCP should fix the lag issue (and they are working on it), as it is hurting one of their most important assets in terms of gameplay, and because it yields a lot of negative publicity at the moment. But in all the noise and bile directed at CCP, it wouldn't hurt to remind ourselves that for the majority of Eve pilots, fleet battle lag may not be 'the most pressing issue' after all.

Oh and while I'm on it: if you're technically inclined, do yourself a favor and read this Gamasutra article on sharding and the Eve Online infrastructure. A good read!


Helicity Boson said...

you're neglecting a very vital detail.

80% of /pilots/ are in highsec.

...and a very very very large number of those are alts of nullseccers, who generally have 2-3 accounts each *as a rule not exception*.

Sered Woollahra said...


I didn't miss it, I just didn't know how to quantify it, that's why I left it out. I just don't know how many pilots are alts, in either lowsec or highsec. Many of my corpmates also have multiple active accounts, as do I, so I am really not sure about those numbers.

It would be interesting to know what preference most of the paying customers have, in this regard, irrespective of where their chars reside, but that information is not available as far as I know.

In any case, the nullseccers are probably the core constituency of Eve pilots, and hence CCP should take care of them properly. That's not in question.