Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eve Online: A look at Dominion

After seeing the Dominion trailer at CK's, I thought I'd take a look at it myself. You can already get a preview on Eve Online's test environment, codenamed 'Singularity', even though the Dominion expansion is still a month away. Getting online was easy, using these excellent instructions by Cyleus Taestar, and so (after a bit of tinkering with directories, files, shortcuts and a 479 MB upgrade) I found myself flying through New Eden Dominion style. I must say I'm impressed by some of the art work on the planets and moons! Behold:

Some of the moons look very natural, almost like a reworked picture of our own moon.

Of course there's also the Gas Giants. We have those planets too, in our own solar system, and they often look a bit bland, as pictures of Saturn and Neptune show. New Eden's gas giants are true to nature in this regard, but that makes them a bit less attractive to see as well. Our own Jupiter is more colorful, and to my taste the New Eden gaseous planets that I have seen (only a few!) could have had a bit more 'Jupiter' in them.

By the way: all planets revolve naturally and on some of them I spotted thunderstorms.

New Eden's background skies, often consisting of nebulae and stars, also seemed to have undergone an upgrade but not as dramatic as the planets and moons.

Of course Dominion is more than just this artwork update, but so far I like what I've seen. I will definitely spend more time on Singularity in the coming weeks, if only to explore the New Eden we'll all get to see when Dominion is released.

-update- Added more snapshots to my Koinup Eve Online group.


GoSpeed said...

Simply amazing pics. Your postings about EVE-Online do tempt me to sign up and try it out. Perhaps in the future as finances permit.

Sered Woollahra said...

If you ever want to try, you can always do the 14 day free trial. If you need advice, ping me here or in world.

Sered Woollahra said...

btw, GoSpeed, I can offer an extended 21 days trial through the buddyprogram.

If you ever decide to convert that trial into a paid account, I get free game time :)