Monday, October 12, 2009

On top of Singapore

I used to be able to fly through Twinity, but when I didn't visit Twinity for a while, I forgot how. As it's an undocumented key combination, I couldn't find it anymore; I had to keep both feet on the floor. Luckily, after a tipoff from RC at the Twinity Monitor, I am now able to fly again, and here I am, enjoying the view over Singapore from the roof of Park Hotel Orchard, at Orchard Road!

Used like this, you can view a city like you'll never be able - or willing - to in real life.


R.C. said...

I have bad news. I just heard from someone today that Twinity plans to disable "flying" to make it more "realistic." I have no idea if this is true or not-- it's just what I heard from another Twinizen.

If it's true, I personally think that flying shouldn't be disabled until Twinity adds helicopters or other means of visiting Berlin and Singapore. Judging from the many avies that fly right now, you can tell it's a popular feature. Removing it without a substitute is going to hurt this world a lot IMO.

Sered Woollahra said...

Oh my.. that wouldn't be a smart thing to do imho. Perhaps we should verify with Metaversum!