Sunday, May 18, 2008

EVE online: worth the hassle?

I've been active in Second Life now for quite some time, and yesterday I decided to explore other worlds as well. I am simply curious as to how these other worlds function and wether they have something different to offer. After checking out what other worlds are available on Linux, I decided to go ahead with the 14 trial of EVE Online. There's a native Linux installer for EVE Online, based on Cedega, which I wanted to try out.

Downloading the install/config tool was easy, as was registering. But, unfortunately, I have not been able to get the installer running! It always yields errors about Python versions, missing runGUI files etcetera. It seems more people are suffering from these, but Google doesn't have a solution for me - so far.

Any experiences out there, with running EVE Online? Is it worth the hassle?

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