Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flying and Dogfighting on a laptop

Tonight we had another training dogfight with the Royal Caledon Air Force. For the first time I succeeded in shooting someone down, and I placed some hits on other planes as well, which was nice!
But, it's not easy on this laptop of mine. I have to fly the plane using the arrow keys, and for the shooting part I need to use the mouse, which means I have to do both with my right hand. I'm looking for a TCS manual, it would be handy if I could use another key to fire the TCS combat system instead of the mouse.
Maybe I need another plane too, the Sopwith doesn't allow to change the viewpoint in mid flight, so my visual range is quite limited as well. August Breed doesn't yet sell his Bleriot or Blackburn yet; the Cubey Tera Nieuport 17 looks nice, but it's a 253 prim plane. I wonder how that affects performance?

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