Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vanity fair

Do you know the Flickr group for Second Life pics? There are many, but this one is linked from the blog page. Anyone who wants to draw some attention to their photos, can use this group to reach a larger audience. I've tried it, it works.

Because some of my own shots are in that pool, I check it out more often than I used to. And, to be honest: I think there's a lot of wasted creativity in those photographs! Most people seem to think SL photography is mostly about avatars - usually their own, or a friend. People apparently love their avatars very much. I can appreciate that: if you've put a lot of effort in creating something beautiful, be proud of it and show it off! By all means! Twice, even ;-)

But after three or four pics of your golden perfect body, that mysterious gaze in the distance, or that sensually, moodily lit female avvie, could we perhaps move on to other areas of virtual life? There are definitely more things to photograph out there. There are venues, clubs, landscapes, sunrises, gatherings, art, games, banks (take a picture while you still can!), islands, mountains..

Second Life is, at heart, a social environment. It's not *that* strange that most of the attention would be focused on people. But please.. Be creative! Picture something else today! ;-)

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