Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sundown at Ciuso Prime

I've been wayyy to busy recently, almost no time to blog - but I had to try out the new Windlight viewer. Looks nice, although, as you can see at the previous post, I do have problems with atmospheric shaders enabled. It gives the world a funky color - not exactly what's intended, I think! But the water and lights effects are great, both in SL and in OpenSim.


vint falken said...

Try to shoot at a bigger resolution to get rid of the jaggy lines, or is this due to compression after the shooting?

Sered said...

This was a screenshot on a 1400x1050 laptop, directly pasted in paintshop, saved as jpg. Cut out a part and posted that to this blog entry. The conversion to jpg might have hurt..

btw, I'm looking at becoming a better SL photographer. Good tips are always welcome ;-)