Monday, July 30, 2007

insurance in SL

The Dutch insurance company Univé, recently opened an SL office. They sell actual SL insurance, against theft, damages and care cost, for a mere 200 L$ per six months. If your claim is accepted, Univé will pay a maximum amount of 10.000 lindens.

This got me thinking.. How do they control the veracitiy of your claim? How do they insure for 'care'? Is that healthcare? What constitutes healthcare in SL? Unive doesn't tell - yet. Usually, there's lots of documentation to go with insurance, but this time it is a bit lacking.

Univé programmed hostesses to help you around. Good idea, but how do I turn her off.. she keeps following me!

Added later:
As I was trying to get insurance from Univé, I was given a notecard with more information. It's actually a nice package. Healthcare is obviously not included, although the wording of the original message seemed to imply it did. But you can claim damages or loss of value due to other avatars misbehaving, copying your intellectual property, using landbots on your land, paying for items that in the end are not transferred to you, and other similar stuff. There's more Dutch language documentation (including terms and conditions) available here .

Getting the insurance is quite easy. You click on the computer, it asks you to enter your email address on channel 1, and then you pay your 200 bucks. A unique identification code that ties you to this payment and insurance is then emailed to you. That's the code you have to use when claiming damages.

One thing struck me as a bit odd: the final clause says that, for this virtual insurance, only virtual law is applicable. .Uh..what law would that be?

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