Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Force me once, force me twice.. count me out

It's been a while since I blogged here. I wanted to comment on a blog, but since the proprietor of that blog doesn't allow comments, I'll have to dig up this here old thing and publish my thoughts here.

I was reading Namamai's blog and happened upon this quote:

My suspicion is that wardecs (and the peacedec/minedec/tradedec ideas) are offensive to people not because they’re asymmetric, or even because that they force you into a different play-style.  They are offensive to people because they are inherently competitive, and not everyone enjoys competition — of any kind.

He may have a point, for all I know. Miners are often pretty peaceful, minding their own business, sometimes banding together for the sake of Orca boosts. But to me, the issue with wardecs/peacedecs and to some extent griefing, afk cloaking and such isn't the competitiveness, but indeed 'that they force you into a different play style'.

From experience I know that Eve has a diverse population. Some pilots are still in school, college or university, while others have a day job and a family. Yet others are retired: pensioners flying spaceships! Pilot ages vary from 8 to 72 I'd wager.

I fall into the '40 something guy, employed, with a family' cohort. And in these turbulent economic times, having a mortgage and a family to support isn't exactly a stress free exercise. At my work, reorganizations and layoffs seem to be the rule lately, rather than the exception; it's been ongoing for over a year and is set to last until 2016 at least.

So when I log in at night - one of those increasingly rare nights when I find the time and energy to actually do so - I really could do without 'being forced into a different play style'. My stress levels are already too high, and all I want to do is relax and have a good time with my corp mates. If there's PVP, I will probably join (and I don't mind losing a ship), but if there's nothing going on I might shoot red crosses for a bit, while admiring the work of the Eve art team. But I don't want to spend my gaming time being someone else's content.

Ripard once pointed out that CCP is in the business of selling fun. I am their customer, I am paying to relax and enjoy myself. If I can't get that (reliably) in Eve, I'll have to look somewhere else.

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Mat Westhorpe said...

I completely agree. I too often use EVE to relax. I accept that there's an ever-present threat of hostile player intervention, but I rarely seek it these days. It requires too much preparation and effort for my schedule and enthusiasm levels. I'm more than happy to enjoy the environment, potter around and take advantage EVE's more esoteric qualities.