Friday, November 12, 2010

Eve Online: Querious II

Just a quick note on my stay in Querious. This space is generally held by IT alliance and we're just one of the IT allies in the region. Well, allies.. I think the proper name is 'renter' or 'pet', not sure which one is applicable to us.

We've learned a lot in recent weeks. The alliance has begun to operate in organized fleets, with proper fc'ing. We have 'eyes' in the systems leading to our home system; we have intel on what's coming our way. If a roaming gang of enemies comes in, we try to have the necessary ships for the engagement we're about to have - based on incoming ships types of course. Usually it works out, we have most ship types ready and available. We are getting better at killing neutrals (my first solo kill!) or reds who enter our space uninvited. All in all, it's a very interesting process to witness, as a ragtag group of semi carebears adjusts to nullsec and tries to become an organized and effective unit.

Just a few days ago we had a roaming gang of enemies enter our home system. We had intel on them way before they got to us: we were prepared and ready. At the gate, we had a standoff, with both parties keeping their distance, about 120 kilometers. In the 10 minute engagement they killed of us: one pilot who ignored the FC's order to maintain formation and went at it alone - he died quickly. The second one got caught in a bubble went up just after he had hit warp, so there was no way to prevent him getting caught and killed. In return we killed one of their stealth bombers, and that's when they decided to leave. We weren't an easy prey anymore..

I jumpcloned back to highsec earlier this week: boring. Glad I made the move to nullsec! I'm sure I'm going to regret it one day, when we get serious opposition or a full blown enemy fleet instead of these small roaming gangs and all my ships get blown to smithereens, but until that day - I'm not going back to highsec. And you shouldn't, too :)