Sunday, June 13, 2010


I've been neglecting this blog for far too long! Much has happened between the end of april and today. We've had some turbulent times in real life, which has taken a toll on gaming time. Yet, in those few hours I've had, significant stuff has happened.

As for Eve Online, I have become an alliance diplomat. Our alliance, MPA, has an invitation to join a few old friends in nullsec, which is great! But getting there is not as easy as flying through highsec, obviously; we need to work our way through several systems occupied by other alliances. So, our diplomatic team is assessing routes and neighbours, determining the best routes. The good news is: we need to cross Ushra'khan space, and UK has just declared a 'NRDS' policy: Not Red, Don't Shoot. This means that only enemies of UK will be shot at; others may freely pass (most of nullsec is 'NBSI': Not Blue, Shoot It, in which case only known friends are safe). This means at least one diplomatic obstacle removed, and we're working on the others.

Twinity is on the move. Lots of good stuff happening there, and I have written about that on the Koinup blog. Check it out, and give Twinity a try if you're not a member yet; the world can use the extra members.

Second Life is a bit of an enigma at the moment. Now that Linden labs is offering prefab houses to premium members, the rental market it taking a bit of a beating and my rentals are barely paying for themselves at the moment. Of course I'm not going to pull out, but a few extra renters would be welcome. Occupancy is too low at the moment!