Friday, February 8, 2013

AmarrCam: live stream test

Since watching some of Mad Ani's streams, I've been thinking about doing my own livestream. So last week I signed up with don't laugh at me, I couldn't know they would be bankrupt the next week!

So I switched to, redid al the setup and such, and started testing with the stream last night. I intend to stream the small gang warfare we do every now and then and I am enrolling a toon in factional warfare to stream orbital bombardments, if I get the chance to do them of course!

Here's the AmarrCam I've had up and running all afternoon:

Watch live video from seredwoollahra on

 This station isn't really very useful for live streaming the undock, due to the way it is built. The ships pop out of the station like it's giving birth to them; for some reason I find it hard to get the angle right, in this situation. A complicating factor is that there's a gas cloud surrounding the station, which makes the image look whitish, washed out. Perhaps I should try to do this at a busy gate, or some other place.

Any hints/tips: welcome!