Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Twinity: the end of London

When exploring Twinity Singapore for the first time, I wandered far enough from the city center to get to the point where the city, quite literally, stopped. Metaversum hadn't gotten around to building those remote parts of Singapore. I was looking at the seams of the city, so to speak! Today the same happened, but this time in London.

Somewhere between Picadilly Circus and Knightsbridge, near Green Park, the city ends abruptly. I was on my way to Hyde Park and Kensington, but it seems those areas haven't been built yet.

By the way, as I Tweeted before: from my admittedly anecdotal evidence, I'd say Twinity London is busier than Singapore, and perhaps Berlin as well.

More snapshots at my Koinup page.

My RL job in Eve terms

Yargok at Wherever I may Roam asks: 'how would your RL job be described in Eve terms'? Here's my attempt!

The aging yellow-and-blue public transportation shuttle drops me off at one of the regional traffic hubs. Even though this is isn't exactly known as the business heart of the area, this is where our headquarters are located. I am, after all, working at a financial institution of modest origins, founded by farmers, many years ago. When the fancy city banks wouldn't lift a finger to help them, these hardworking folks decided to help themselves: they created their own bank, much to the amusement of the city bankers. How the times have changed! When, recently, the aforementioned fancy city banks needed trillions of bailout ISK from any and all corp, alliance or empire that would try and rescue them, the modest farmers' bank didn't need any help at all. We're solid and we're going strong.

Before I dock up at my desk, I grab myself a quick coffee. Black, extra strong with just a little bit of sugar: that's my morning fuel. After logging on I check the vital signs of the transaction system I'm maintaining, usually even before I scan the incoming comms channels for stuff I should respond to.
All those traders, farmers and miners, selling and buying, attempting to make a few ISK: they can't operate without someone handling the ISK flow. And that's where I am, right on top of one of the main cash transport systems this bank has. Hundreds of thousands, millions, even billions of ISK change hands - daily - under our watchful eyes.

Not that I am a moneyman. On the contrary, I'm really bad at complicated constructions, small print, insurance clauses, tax forms and such afflictions of modern mankind. No, I'm one of the tech guys who keeps the wheels of this system turning. I have been for several years; I am, by now, one of the senior and most experienced team members. And the pay is pretty good, even in these times. What's not to like?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twinity: London seesighting

Once, when visiting London with my parents, my mother mentioned she would like to do 'one of those seesighting tours'. We've been teasing her with it ever since!

Today, I planned on doing another guided 'seesighting' tour through London; this time one through Twinity's virtual London. This virtual rendering of the English capital has been open to the public for a few days now, but I haven't yet had the time to really check it out, and I thought I could use this tour to make up for that. Unfortunately, the preparations took a bit too long. Apparently, many people are still having issues with voice and sound, and they kept trying to fix it while I ran out of time, so I had to drop out. Hopefully another time..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eve Online: Arraron gate

Here I am, waiting at the Arraron stargate in Chantrousse, enjoying the view of the ringed planet below. After the Dominion expansion, Eve is looking better than ever. See my Koinup page for more snapshots!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eve Online: Dominion planet

One of my first snapshot of the Dominion expansion on the main Eve grid, Trinity.This one was taken on a laptop with a lower end GPU, but I still like it! Visually, the main changes of the Dominion expansion are the star fields and the planets. Here, my Minmatar destroyer flies past an earthlike planet.

More of my Dominion snapshots can be found at Koinup.